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Thierry Gieseler is a trusted coach and trainer working with executives, experts and thought leaders. Having empowered dozens of leaders with a mature voice for over 10 years, he carries a deep conviction that
leadership is revealed through speaking.

Thierry believes strongly that leadership is defined in conversations, both discussions and presentations, regardless of your status or power. Leadership appears when having better, more relevant messages and expressing them in ways others want to hear.

Thierry’s work is rooted on the paradox that executives and experts spend most of their days running conversations, but don’t give themselves the permission to make the time for the solitary, focused preparation work needed to lead with clear messages and clear intentions.

With the increased complexity of organizations, fast-paced change, information overload, his perpective is that speaking is your strategy to your leadership. Preparing to show up with intention is the generous work of those who want to help see opportunities, better ways, brighter future, engage and turn to action.

Speaking well is not a gift, it is work. Coming up with better ideas, better expressed, better connected to the needs of the people you want to help is the hidden work of leadership.

Thierry has a passion for researching science to find better answers. Diving deeper into ever green topics such self-confidence, persuasion, engagement etc. he helps his clients use recent insights and tools from research that otherwise take 20 years to reach the business audience.

Thierry holds a master degree in psychology. Prior to his own practice, He worked for 10 years in management roles (IT and operations) in international companies.

Thierry’s clients include Communication and Marketing executives, HR executives, Sales, Distribution or business development directors, Compliance, Legal, Risk, Data protection officers, CFOs, COOs, CEOs, Founders.

Thierry is based in Belgium, delivers his programmes in English and French.

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