1. Mr. Thierry GIESELER privacy policy
    This privacy policy guarantees to the users of this website and any other person, except legal persons, (hereafter: the “Users”) willing to use the services (hereafter: “Service(s)”) of Mr. Thierry GIESELER whose address is located on Square Marnix that their personal data (hereafter: “Data”) will be collected and processed in accordance with the applicable legislation in Belgium and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (hereafter: the “GDPR”)
  2. Information relating to Mr. Thierry GIESELER
    The website https://thierrygieseler.com/index.html (hereafter : the « Website ») is managed by Mr. Thierry GIESELER whose address is located at SQ, Square Meeüs 35, 1000 Brussels, Belgium and registered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under the number 0839.000.114.
    Mr. Thierry GIESELER is the controller of the data which are communicated to the company. Mr. Thierry GIESELER is working as Data Protection Officer of the Company.
  3. Data: collection and processing
    Mr. Thierry GIESELER declares and guarantees that the personal data of the Users are collected fairly and lawfully. The Data collected by Mr. Thierry GIESELER, regardless of the medium or support used and mobile phones included, are the data necessary to provide a Service, such as data related to:
    – a newsletter ;
    – the contact section ;
    – any demand related to the Services provided by Mr. Thierry GIESELER
    The personal data collected and related to Services are, the surname, the first name, the address, the e-mail address, the phone number and the fax number, which are communicated to Mr. Thierry GIESELER by the Users. This list is not limitative. The data required to fill out the contact section are marked with an asterisk (*). Any other information provided by the User is optional information which the User consents to communicate to Mr. Thierry GIESELER.
    The Data collected by Mr. Thierry GIESELER will allow it to:
    – give access to the Users to the Services offered on the Website;
    – contact the Users (newsletter, news related to the general terms and conditions, privacy policy, answers to Users’ requests, etc.);
    – invoice Users;
    – develop its activities with an analysis of the information (e.g. through statistics), in order to provide a better service to the Users ;
    – process your curriculum vitae sent voluntarily.
    The Data may be used for direct marketing purposes. If so, the Users will be entitled to oppose to the processing pursuant to Article 4.
    The Data will not be communicated to third parties who are not legally bound under a contract or in a commercial relationship with Mr. Thierry GIESELER. If such contracts or commercial relationships exist, the Data will only be communicated within the limits of the contract or necessary in the commercial relationship. If Data is communicated to commercial partners and/or subcontractors, Mr. Thierry GIESELER guarantees that the intermediaries will respect all the provisions of this privacy policy.
    The Data can be communicated to a judiciary or administrative authority if such communication is required and within the limits of what is necessary to respond to the request of the authority concerned.
    The Data will be updated in accordance with the User’s requests. As from the reception of the request, Mr. Thierry GIESELER committed to keeping the Data up to date in order to ensure the accuracy and the update of the Data.
    Mr. Thierry GIESELER will retain the Data for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or are further processed as described in Article 3. These Data will be at User’s disposal at first request.
    By sharing his Data with the company, the User acknowledges having read and accepted this privacy policy. The collection and the processing of the Data are necessary for the Services referred to in this article in accordance with the terms provided contractually with Mr. Thierry GIESELER.
    The website http://speakerscoachbrussels.com/index.html uses cookies to improve and facilitate use of the Website. Those cookies enable to record session information such as the choice of language, the use of cookies’ message display, the session, long-in information, the shopping cart, the Google Analytics Data to track visits on the Website. They also enable to obtain information and advertisements which may be of interest to you. The use of cookies can be modified by configuring your browser’s settings (depending on the options of the used browser).
  4. User’s rights
    Users have the rights specified in this section in order to exercise control over their Data.
    Users may ask Mr. Thierry GIESELER for information on the Data held, the purpose pursued, as well as the processing performed. In particular, Users have the following rights:
    – the right to obtain a copy of the Data collected and processed;
    – the right to delete or to correct the Data;
    – the right to object to or to restrict the processing of the Data;
    – the right to Data portability.
    Once the User’s request has been received, Mr. Thierry GIESELER undertakes to respond to the request as soon as possible. In particular, if the User makes a request concerning the rights mentioned above, Mr. Thierry GIESELER agrees to comply with the instructions given within 1 month from receipt of the request.
  5. Security measures
    Mr. Thierry GIESELER undertakes to ensure the security of the Data collected by ensuring, in particular, that the number of persons having access to this Data is limited to what is necessary for Mr. Thierry GIESELER to achieve their expected objectives. Mr. Thierry GIESELER also takes the measures that are necessary to fight against the possible interferences of third parties or unwanted persons. Mr. Thierry GIESELER cannot be held responsible for the consequences that may arise from the shortcomings and negligence that are caused by the User. In the event that the Data are communicated to commercial partners, Mr. Thierry GIESELER undertakes that these intermediaries take measures to ensure the security of the Data.
  6. Amendment of the privacy policy
    Mr. Thierry GIESELER has the right to modify, unilaterally and at any time, the privacy policy. The amended privacy policy will be sent to the Users. Users may object to this amendment by exercising their rights set out in Article 4. The privacy policy has last been revised on 24 January 2020.
  7. Contact information
    Mr. Thierry GIESELER can be contacted for any request of information:
    By email at the following email address: thierry.gieseler@speakerscoachbrussels.com
    By ordinary post: SQ, Square Meeüs 35, 1000 Brussels
    Mr. Thierry GIESELER can be contacted by e-mail at the following address for any exercise of the rights listed in Article 4: thierry@thierrygieseler.com
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