Expressing leadership

A coaching programme

for newly appointed executives, senior experts and emergent leaders

Speaking drives your visibility and influence

How you address senior executives, colleagues with more power or status or experience in one-on-ones, boardrooms and committees reveals your leadership maturity level.

Preparing well to speak up in boards and committees changes your priorities, mindset and leadership. It changes how executives perceive and engage with you.

Speaking is your strategy for leading and positioning.

Challenges for your leadership

The emotions you deal with…

  • Anxiety: boardroom meetings are uncharted territory. Too many unspoken rules, undisclosed expectations, unpredictable questions and reactions.
  • Anger caused by conflicting messages from stakeholders and hierarchy, lack of transparency and absence of clear directions.
  • Anger from discovering that you haven’t been involved in early stages of decisions
  • Fear of making the wrong impression by playing safe and sharing way too much information instead of getting to the point.
  • Frustration from being cut short and losing the lead on the conversation. Not getting support and decisions.
  • Demotivation: systematic focus on what to improve without indication of overall satisfaction. Lack of positive feedback. Feedback from stakeholders that are not actionable. Feeling never to be good enough. Watching colleagues going away with poor presentations and bad behaviours. Lack of positive and relevant examples.
  • Frustration caused the lack of respect with last minute cancellations, shortened speech time, absence of key decision makers.

The consequences you experience

  • Disengagement: entering the meeting to question status quo and get commitments from stakeholders, leaving the meeting having committed to do more work yourself
  • Lack of influence: having to invest time and energy in remedies to resolve problems that could have been avoided, had the stakeholders listened and taken action on time
  • Work disruption from unnecessary escalations: being distracted from core business to mitigate escalations rooted in miscommunications and unresolved conflicts, turning to micro-management to prevent future escalations
  • Business risks: focusing the conversation on details, missing bigger risks and opportunities
  • Loosing support from the colleagues who promoted you.
  • Wondering whether you are the right person for the job.

How mature is your speaking now?

Depending on how you behave and speak, your impact can be very positive or very negative. Executives engage in the meaningful interactions that you set up for them. The meeting can be a turning point for the business. At the bottom of the scale, you speak in a way that they ignore you and make you accountable for decisions that you know will damage the business and your career.

Maturity levels vary a lot. Looking at your recurring boardroom meetings, what maturity level do you see yourself in?

Benefits of expressing your leadership

  • Focus in the room and shorter meetings
  • Better interactions, conversations on what really matters
  • Clear decisions and faster implementation
  • Better alignement upwards, lateral and downwards
  • Being known as someone one can trust and rely on
  • Executives turning to you for strategic inputs
  • Strategic focus first (risks, opportunities, remedies)
  • Better involvement of team in preparation, getting the right input on time
  • When working in global corporations, direct access to N+2 and N+3 in global HQ and other global stakeholders
  • More team engagement, lower turnover, visible results, and pride
  • Strong, consistent, lasting vision; sustainable practice
  • Be rewarded for exceptional performance
  • Being known as a reference to turn to for inspiration
  • Be asked to showcase realizations to top executives as a source of inspiration

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