Your tactic to grow your leadership

It is amazing how much fulfilment, visibility and influence there is for people who lead conversations. They lead conversations where they engage people with their best ideas, deliver in a way that truly serves their audience, and mobilize energies for actions.

Now, our culture promotes the idea that you lead when you are on the battlefield. In fact, most of my clients feel ashamed when having to pause ‘real’ work and prioritise presentation preparation instead. They see leading conversations as talking about the work, not doing the real work.

When trying to lead with that mindset, they face two problems:

First, they avoid preparing during their best hours. They prepare presentations during evenings and weekends. This drains their energy when they should be recovering.

Second, and this is the biggest problem, they have too many ideas rushing through their head: they haven’t captured, stored, distilled on paper or electronically all the core ingredients nurturing their leadership. They work with what has already materialized: headlines and mantras from past presentations, figures and status to update.

If you can’t retrieve the great idea you had during your morning shower, that fantastic, relevant story you heard in a meeting, the words people used to express the beliefs that you want to reframe, the statistics about the market trend you read in the news etc. when starting your preparation, you won’t express your leadership when speaking.

If you want to grow your leadership and turn your ideas into reality, you need a different mindset.

You need to turn your mindset by 180 degrees from ‘Preparing presentations is extra work, not real work’ to ‘Speaking up is my tactic for growing my leadership.’

Here is why.

Top chefs spend hours finding the best ingredients, testing cooking techniques, and training their staff. But they do all this with the evening service in mind! Every service is an opportunity to grow their business, reputation and grow as a chef. Chefs deliver dishes. Leaders speak.

When you consider that speaking is your tactic, you see every speaking opportunity as an opportunity to lead. Preparing to speak and lead conversations becomes the core activity of your leadership, not the extra work. You start to pay more attention to what resonates, you capture more relevant stories, statements, reactions, and ideas from others because you have your upcoming presentations in mind. You know that you will need to retrieve those ingredients to connect, make sense, inspire, and engage. When you dedicate quality time to the hard, brainy work of leadership, not only do you preserve your energy, evenings and weekends, but you have shifted your mindset towards a sustainable leadership practice.

You can achieve goals with more joy, you can inspire, you can lead. A well-prepared message takes more time to prepare and rehearse, but feels fulfilling when it finally clicks with your conviction and audience. It is a pleasure to retrieve and repeat those same messages instead of creating new ones every time. Messages which live beyond the meeting room create your influence.

You can do this. Remember: Speaking up reveals your leadership.

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